Biohacking Growth Hormone

Unhacking Growth

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How NOT to Hack Growth

When contemplating the best way to maximize results from the body, it becomes confusing is a hurry.

The data out there is often conjecture or anecdotal

Growth Hormone (GH) Basics

-Exercise is the most potent stimulus for GH
-Slow wave sleep improves GH production
-GH stimulates gluconeogenesis in liver
-GH stimulates lipolysis, increases release if IGF-1 resulting in protein synthesis and increased muscle mass
-Boosts the immune system
-Supports healthy metabolic rate
-Mineralizes bone
Need to be in balance like all hormones in the body
+The first hour of sleep is critical for GH production, and most GH production occurs after 1 hr
+Eating protein stimulates GH
+Sugar reduces it
+Protein before bed may enhance
+Eating sugar right after exercise blunts GH
-no choc milk/no sugary sports drink
+Hunger and ghrelin stim GH, stim NO release
+Sleep deprivation drives cortisol production
-cortisol is catabolic = protein degradation
–also boosts insulin
*don’t waste your effort!!

Ex: high cortisol, low T, and high insulin in long distance cyclists

Taking GH will shorten life

Too much or too little will cause problems


Artificially trying to manipulate is risky and not without potential problems

Response to exercise is linear based on INTENSITY, not duration or volume

Exercise can override the negative feedback loop
-4 hr span between exercise can spike GH (2-a-day football/soccer) otherwise it’s refractory

Remember cortisol??
-long hours in the saddle or high volume running stimulates cortisol, and this hampers GH

-less wear and tear
-greater GH stimulation in a natural fashion



Refractory period – just like sex
Autonegative feedback on somatotrope from arginine ingestion
-repeat GHRN admin leads to a progressively decreasing somatotrope response due to a receptor or post-receptor down-regulation

GH has a refractory period from repeated GHRH stimulation
-possible the reduced response to exercise may have been due to the timing of the exercise after the ingestion of arginine
Why You Need to Lift Weights

aerobic group vs. resistance group
both with weight loss
but the aerobic-only group lost 10# of muscle and burned 210 few calories at rest compared to resistance group with no muscle loss and 63 more cals burned at rest

-Many products promoting arginine for the “pump” (( NO causes vessels to dilate)) –this is temporary
-theory of increased blood flow to stimulate growth
-secondary gain by boosting GH
-Arginine works by suppressing somatostatin
2006 study (small) – arginine supplementation combined with resistance exercise blunts GH release (300% reduction)

Arginine before exercise stim GH release but then it is somewhat refractory and don’t get the benefit of exercise

if eNOS working, arginine will make NO

if defect in pathway or genetics, can convert to toxic free radical intermediary

Liu on GH supplementation

increased lean muscle mass but strength did not increase
metabolic rate increased
No change in VO2 max and power output or endurance


  • Arginine is counter productive
  • Weigh benefits vs. risks vs. reduction in exercise effects/benefit
  • Don’t buy the myth as the results/studies don’t support it
  • Save your money
  • Invest in diet, sleep and exercise (HIIT/Tabata)


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