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Uncensored Heart

Breaking the Chains of Censorship

For those who have been following the blog or my work over the years, you know the goal is to share information that changes lives.

The primary mechanisms are:

  • Online courses
  • Blog posts
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Facebook posts
  • Videos

Nothing too earth-shattering in the above list, but when you place your faith in others sometimes you receive an unpleasant dictum. My courses were alive and well on Udemy with around 7,500 students from all around the world. Everything was humming smoothly when my account was flagged for inappropriate content.



After sharing several valuable resources to help my students, I was informed that the guidelines prohibit any link that takes students off of Udemy’s platform. They say it is for the protection of the students.

Who knew that a video on treating common shoulder problems was so risky to the learner?


Live & Learn

A remarkable successful educator once told me to “Own the racecourse”. Lesson learned.

My team has been removing courses and giving them their own home:

My Courses – Mitchel M.D. hosted on


Everything is there and ready for you today.


I’ve got several ideas on new topics for courses, but would love to hear what you are most interested in or need to impact your life. Reach out and let me know.

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