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Metabolic Boost: Hacking Physiology

Project You #41

The holiday season has slid by, so now it’s time to get serious about improving your health.


Show Notes:

Nutrient timing


Sitting is the new smoking


Cold thermogenesis




Reset Diet


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Enjoy this Holiday Season,

Mitchel M.D.



Transcript (machine and warning—it’s a bit rough)

This was one of the most popular podcasts last year and very similar to today’s episode.

Read at your discretion.

Welcome to project you. This podcast explores how to depleting changes Hey your dad can produce the best of health. Longevity and performance. We’ve recruitedexperts from around the globe. One least it was done to transform your world. Project. Died today how to live a full optimize life. Can encompass tools andtechniques. Unleash your back to milk the tension. We get one shot of life itself. Let’s get started. Welcome to ever so nine of the project you pod cast. We are in thethroes of the holiday season and. I’m looking outside watching the snow pile up and so I’m going to share just a few things about holiday essential is to boost yourmetabolism. But before we get into the episode just a special thanks to those of you who’ve been following along on Slide Share we’ve released some content overthere which is a very exciting to be in a new medium and. For those of you that have signed on to the newsletter the last few weeks or so we are merging the two listtogether. Apologizers a technical glitch on the site creating two separate lists so some of you receive this special bonus content and others don’t deny the heartfeltapologies go up to you for that but we’ll fix it I promise in time for the holiday season we’ve got a lot of special guests coming up in a lot more to share from the behindthe scenes of functional medicine. For those of you who have seen the short little video I posted. Functional medicine is basically going beyond the normal looking tooptimize health longevity and performance. And that is my mission here on the podcast and also on the site. I’ve targeted. Specifics of each aspect of life whether it’sfitness nutrition. Financial aspects. Stress management and bringing in a host of experts from around the globe to share their wisdom. With you in so let’s get intoepisode nine here. The post holiday for the holidays central to boost metabolism. And so I was lead Holly’s are fun. Lot of parties lot of things going on so much to doso little time. Many of us struggle with the unwanted gift giving a few pounds five pounds isn’t so bad ten pounds is a little more challenging. But sometimes we goway overboard. And so don’t be discouraged and let thoughts of long hours in the gym. Get you down in leave you depressed and frustrated because there really is adifferent way. There are some simple methods that. I’ve seen work for my patients in the past. And I’m going to shows with you and so there’s a three simple things totalk about today. Pacing. Spacing it up and drinking a lot. And I’ll cover each of those here in more detail. I don’t front in college who seem to really never gain weightif anything really struggled amount of what he ate what he did. I want you lifted weights he has cannot put on any pounds. And I got to the point where really becameconcerned about his physical appearance. You lamented about having a tape worm from our trip to Mexico. In a variety of other things and finally went in and sawmedical care and they did all the usual tests check the thyroid checked everything else. In found nothing. And after drilling down further what it all came down to is ahabit of pacing. He like to walk around our apartment. While studying. And just the century paste in that simple act burned. Hundreds of calories a day. Anough sothat he could really. To his detriment. Prevent weight loss but the simple act of just adding a lecture motion the day is often enough to burn calories. And either stopweight gain balance things out or mitigate the effects of a few nights out on the holiday circuit so Pacing isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Next the spicing it up. I love.Flavored coffees. But the stuff that typically is put in there is well. It’s nothing short of crap it’s partially hydrogenated oil which is a detriment. For your heart andvascular system. And many don’t contain traces of aluminum. We know that aluminum clogs up the brain the synapses in the neural pathways and has been linked toall same or so I don’t know about you but I’m not too excited about developing early onset Alzheimer’s and so with that in mind. I’ve thrown that stuff away. About ayear and a half ago and it was a bit of a challenge. And I really have to really force myself when I go into my favorite coffee shop not to put that extra sweet stuff in thecoffee. But instead. I use cinnamon and. I’ve talked about this before but cinnamon is a wonderful way to stabilize blood sugar can even help prevent spikes ininsulin. I just add a few dashes to my first cup in the morning in the from going to have one of the afternoon. I’ll throw in another a teaspoon of cinnamon on top of thenice flavor. It’s kind of similar to a to marriage when you’re cooking. That’s also a great way to spice things up. Potent anti-inflammatory. And it goes great with. That’swhat this is rice meats really has a nice little flavor. And can really help with the on WANT TO pounds. The types of things we typically consume during the holidayseason generate a lot of information in the body in so anything that I can do to kind of cut that down with simple dietary supplements. I think it’s worthwhile for myself.And finally to wrap things up. Drink a lot. That is not what you think it means. Water hydration. Hydration is key. Most of us are to hydrated some capacity. We drinkmaybe a few glasses of water a day and feel like we’ve done a good job. But the reality is that we fall short. Consistently short. Coffee is not. Hydration coffee is adirect It can increase as your an output which leads to more dehydration. Same thing with ice tea. Your Thursday afternoon to reach for an iced tea or worse yet ahigh fructose fish sweetened iced tea and you sort of doing a double jeopardy there so I like water. It’s essential for proper function of the body cellular machinery.And it makes me feel better. A Coke glass of cold water is. I wanted magic but matting few ice cubes and drinking cold water throughout the day. This is a sort of ahack and boosting metabolism is pretty simple. It all boils down to physics. The body’s program to maintain a set. Internal temperature relatively constant. And it usescalories to to either. Warm you up. Produces heat for metabolism. But also also warm the cold water in the stomach. In so to do so it burns calories. It’s pretty simple.You’ve cold water in your body can use some of the calories stored in fat or other forms that heat that water up in so simple little hack there and sort of summarize thethree things for the holiday season to boost your metabolism one pacing. To spice it up and three. Drink a lot. So if you find it helpful. Be sure to subscribe on i Tunesand love it if you leave a review of the podcast is just ramping up. Surprisingly past twenty five thousand downloads already which makes me please. I’ve got a lotmore to share from the functional medicine world to help you retire the chief the best and health. Longevity and performance will see you next week. The guest nextweek is going to dive into the issues of anxiety. The holidays are stressful for many of us. Much more so than we admit or realize and learning a few simple ways tocope with those anxieties. Is critical to your health and wellbeing will see later.


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