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recipe for change

Recipe For Life Change

How To Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day   Consider the following: 1440 minutes in a day – We all get the same amount 10,000 hours for mastery, but what about good enough? I am busy…this is not a badge of honor but a choice Imagine how learning something new – skill or […]

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Learn Fast

Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning I love to learn new things. Pushing myself to learn more and utilizing systems to do it all more efficiently is part of the attraction. Josh Kaufman spelled it all out pretty clearly in his book: The First 20 Hours: How To Learn Anything   One of the biggest points I want to highlight: […]

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Learning in 20 hours

Learn Success

Learning = Success Those who have learned will become obsolete, while those learning will rule the future. I may have misquoted a bit and have misplaced the attribution, but the message is the same Learning is a powerful way to shape your future. Acquired knowledge is one thing that cannot be taken from you and […]

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