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Biohacking Growth Hormone

Unhacking Growth

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How NOT to Hack Growth When contemplating the best way to maximize results from the body, it becomes confusing is a hurry. The data out there is often conjecture or anecdotal Growth Hormone (GH) Basics -Exercise is the most potent stimulus for GH -Slow wave sleep improves GH production -GH stimulates gluconeogenesis in liver -GH […]

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change - Julia Caesar

Dead or Alive

Change The only things that never change are dead. “The more a thing tends to be permanent, the more it tends to be lifeless.” – Alan Watts. The process of living involves change.  A good friend of mine, Brian, often reminds others to step forward into growth and avoid stepping back into safety.  Be creative […]

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Do It

Do It Anyway

Step Forward Into growth and opportunity or Back into comfort and stagnation Being human, I am prone to mistakes, oversights and grievous errors.  The negative effects can be compounding but the approach to fixing them and one’s attitude about the errors makes all the difference. Simple example of this morning.  After a long day at […]

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