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empty chair without human connection

Why Off Increases Connection

Connection What is your child, spouse, significant other or best friend doing right now? Chances are that in the next 3 minutes, they will be head down with a thumb or finger clicking away on their device. If you’re sitting next to them right now, take a moment and see how you feel?  What’s the […]

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Smart Phones & Dumb People

Can Smart & Dumb Coexist? Sad reality, but true. I’m guilty at times and am sure you may struggle with this same issue Take a few moments to watch this and ponder the consequences in your own life  

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creativity and connection

Caring with a Song

Music & Caring I wanted to share this simple act of kindness demonstrated by several college students.  Using their creative energy, they brightened the day of someone down on his luck and inspired those around (including me). It always amazes me to watch simple acts like this and contemplate what the world would be like […]

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Global Citizen

World Citizens

Be Global I love this place and I felt compelled to share it with you. Where can children from around the country and world come together to grow, laugh, learn and play?      Answer:  An International Language Camp   WHO Teachers who see the world as our classroom—who make everyday activities come alive in […]

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