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nose breathing for longevity

Open Your Mouth For A Quicker Death

Mouth Breathing vs. Nose Breathing The science behind breathing isn’t sexy but it makes all the difference. We are all taught to take a deep breath when we feel stressed or anxious. The reality is that advise is wrongly telling us to more of the same. When stressed or anxious, the natural tendency is to […]

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Interpreting Your Fears   Fear is excitement without the breath.   Fear is common.  How you process it shapes your life.  I’m not talking about life threatening issues or dangerous situations, but rather those daily fears that limit growth.  They may be random thoughts that pop up during the day, or other deeper fears that […]

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meditation technique for zen

Beginning Meditation

Start Simply Stress is a major problem for the vast majority and dealing with it in a positive and constructive manner doesn’t have to be such a challenge. enter…Meditation   Before you click away, let the Woo-Woo thoughts pass and understand the value of a few moments of time.  In these few minutes, your body […]

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