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Remember Your Death

Death – Memento Mori

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As I write this, many are lamenting the toils of tomorrow and the ensuing week. What we fail to remember is that time is fleeting.

The ancient philosophers and scholars put forth the phrase:

Memento Mori

wiki: The medieval Latin Christian theory and practice of reflection on mortality


Consider The Following:

  • How would you proceed if today was your last
  • What regrets will you have in those final moments
  • How do you want to be remembered
  • What activities are now viewed as wasted and trivial
  • Who is at your side as you draw your final breath
  • What legacy are you leaving


What Direction Are You Traveling?

Society, or at least our interpretation of it, has a strong influence on our actions. We often fail to embrace challenge out of fear over how others will perceive us or our actions. In reality, does any of that matter? Will these “judges” be at the bedside as we breathe our last? Will they guide our loved ones in our absence? Or will they be the ones lamenting over their own shortcomings, failures, and indecision?


Set Your Clock

After I spent a day on the other side – no brain activity, no heartbeat – I gained a new appreciation for the power of NO. I use it more than any other.

It’s either a Hell YES or a NO.  The gray line has been removed. When we are faced with imminent mortality, the true light becomes visible.


With that in mind, this little free app – extension reminds me on a daily basis and may help guide your thoughts and decision process.


memento mori clock


Memento Mori – The Death Clock


Time is running out – How are you going to spend it?



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