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recipe for change

Recipe For Life Change

How To Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day


Consider the following:

1440 minutes in a day – We all get the same amount

10,000 hours for mastery, but what about good enough?
I am busy…this is not a badge of honor but a choice
Imagine how learning something new – skill or just information could change your situation or life
If you are looking for a different result, then you really need to ask yourself—
How is what I am doing right now working out?  How would things change if I did x,y or z?
We all have the same amount of time on any given day, how are you using yours?
I love a great movie or series as much as the next, but binging watching all weekend or overnight after the day job is a recipe for achieving….NOTHING
I saw a meme about a man getting busted by his wife for playing games while in the toilet.  Besides mindless distraction, not sure what the goal of toilet Tetris is, but why not use it for personal gain?
With the explosion of apps on our devices, it has never been easier to learn.
I want to challenge you to use those 5-10 min or however long it takes to improve your life in some way….learn something new, take a course, learn a language.
10 x 2 =20 min/day
600 min/month = 10 hours
120 hours of learning every year

A Challenge for YOU

Give up or at least skip a few nights of TV and learn something new.
Watch your results explode and let me know how this worked for you?
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