nose breathing for longevity

Open Your Mouth For A Quicker Death

Mouth Breathing vs. Nose Breathing

The science behind breathing isn’t sexy but it makes all the difference.

We are all taught to take a deep breath when we feel stressed or anxious. The reality is that advise is wrongly telling us to more of the same.

When stressed or anxious, the natural tendency is to breath faster through the mouth.

How could taking a deep quick breath through the mouth change anything?

It can’t.

Here is a better approach.




During years of training in the Korean sword art of Kumdo, we routinely followed a strenuous workout with a period of slow breathing or breath control. It took years to achieve success, but the physiologic effects were immediate.


If you are not familiar with the sport of Kumdo/Kendo, here is a taste. Skip to 2:20 and 5:30 to see the explosive power and understand why being in control of one’s body and breath is critical to success.



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