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Journey To Purpose

You Are Not Your Career

Purposeful Transformation

Do you wake up dreading the day or go to bed already thinking about how bad the week is going to be?

The common route in life is to accept the discontent and plow ahead despite the nagging and growing feeling that you could be doing much better. Making an impact. Creating your own way and crafting a future with purpose, passion, and happiness.

From an early age, we are subject to a form of brainwashing. Our ideas and dreams are pared down into the version others find more palatable. The whittling process is a result of other people imposing their fears and limitation on you.

Fast forward 5, 10 or 20 years and what do you notice?  I see many unhappy faces and sad souls wandering lost through life. 

Another Way

It’s never too late to change. Take a moment to visualize the possibilities. Put aside that voice rearing up and saying, “But….”.

This conversation is a powerful example how we all have the ability to reshape our future, take control of life and do something that matters – to us.

“To most people around me, I appeared to be a really productive and successful person, but I didn’t feel the same way. I felt empty, and that troubled me. I knew I wanted something else but didn’t know what (much less how to get it!).”


Matias Salom Transformation Story from Live Your Legend

The Time Is Now

All we every have for sure is now. Scott’s life was tragically cut short a few months after this interview. The comments he made during this interview gave me chills and reminded me of how short life truly is.

What steps will you make today to live the life you truly desire?


Finding Simple – a story of life vs. stuff

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