True Inspiration

Kyle Maynard shares his powerful brand of inspiration. Perseverance takes on a completely new level.

Working last week in a large metro healthcare system, several of my fellow physicians who I deeply respect, shared their dismay at the “job” and how something better just has to come along.  To a crowd of blank stares, I brought up the question of “what have you tried to change or do differently?”.  It seems that many are stuck in the wanting, waiting, wishing and hoping pattern that produces nothing but the lapse of time.

Time is our most precious commodity and nobody can get any more.  Spend it wisely. Get up. Get going. Embrace change.  Dare to put yourself out there and make a new future.  Create the life you deserve.  Live your passion.

Kudos to my colleague Carol who shared that she is going to live her passion and have fun every day, make changes and live for the joy of it all.


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