In Between

Magic in the Mundane

The explosion of social media has created a monster of sorts.  As a health care professional, I see patients on a daily basis suffering from various degrees of depression.  My staff grumble about how their life is so ordinary and boring compared to their facebook friends.  Seeing all the cool things others are doing and have in their lives can bring a sense of longing and depression.

The tendency to compare oneself with others leads to desperation and depression.  Realize that what is being shared is often just the best 10% of another’s life.

Don’t let this get you down.  Consider a disconnect from social media for a few days or even a week and see what happens.

Author Jeff Goins wrote  The In-Between and the powerful message is this:



Most people spend their lives waiting for the next big thing to happen, but in fact, life really happens in those mundane and ordinary moments between big events.

The simple action steps highlighted in this book:

Let go

Control is an illusion

It’s those In-Between moments that make all the difference

Savor the small moments

Appreciate those around us

Pay attention and be grateful for the moment


He goes on to relate how even the disappointing moments in life have much to offer and although it may take awhile to manifest, the message and lesson is often beneficial for the long term.



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