hair loss treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is not just a male issue. In fact, 40% of menopausal women suffer from thinning hair. By the age of 60, 80% of women have noticeable hair loss. Baldness commonly viewed as a male issue actually affects 40% of women.

This video shares some common causes of hair loss. Following is a candid photo of the effects of stress and surgery and the results of a natural solution for hair growth.


Hair Loss Causes




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Natural Solution For Hair Loss

Question: What is one thing you do every day that could treat hair loss?

Answer: Wash your hair.


natural hair loss remedy

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The following is a brief/rough transcript of the video above.

I want to give you a brief overview of the causes of hair loss. The formal medical term is alopecia, but you are more likely familiar with the term male pattern baldness that we commonly deal with in the male population. Another equivalent term is androgenic alopecia.

There are a variety of other causes, and I bring this up mostly as a point of reference with information, so you have a background understanding.

Hair loss occurs for more than just genetic factors, and I encourage you to talk to your doctor about some further testing.

Trichotillomania -while fun to say really fast- is probably unlikely in the group that’s reading this, but more common in children and those with mental health issues. The repetitive twisting and pulling causes chunks of hair to fall out.

Fungal infections are quite evident (pus, ooze, crust, swelling, or boggy scalp). Frequently, patches of hair loss occur as this advances.

Treatment is straightforward with antifungal medication.

Radiation therapy for cancer of the head neck damages a variety of tissues including the hair follicles.

Chronic diseases such as Lupus or connective tissue diseases can cause hair loss.

Thyroid disorders increase with age and are a common factor in hair loss. Simple lab testing can reveal if this is the case.

Stress, cortisol, hormone imbalance, and medications are also culprits in hair loss. Make sure to discuss these factors with a doctor familiar with hair loss.

Biotin deficiency, a B vitamin, can cause hair loss.
Toxic metals from contaminated water sources cause damage to hair, teeth, bones, and nails, as well as impairing brain function.

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