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Hacking Off The Fat

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Biohacking Your Favorite Foods

Like many families in North America, Friday night is the celebration of survival of the week.  The dress clothes are off and the festivities begin.

Fat Fest

If you have teenagers in the house, chances are pizza is high on the list of requested food for weekend fare.  Short of making it from scratch, these pies are packed full of fat and can wreak havoc on your body.

I Need Pizza

Despite knowing that badness lurks within, I can’t resist a bit of cheesy heaven.  Maybe even 5 or 6 slices on a weak moment.

Hacking Biology Or Surrender To Fate

Is there anything you can do to combat the flood of fat (cholesterol) pouring into your blood vessels?

YES – Here Is How

Simple actions can produce impressive results.  You may not hear this in the 7 minutes your typical doctor visit allots to cover everything, so I’m sharing it here.

Two Biohacks

  • Plant Stanols & Sterols
  • PGX

There are others, but let’s start with these two powerhouses for now.  I’ll layer on others to maximize the fat killing aresnal at your disposal in another post, periscope or podcast.

How It Works

Plant Stanols & Sterols

These naturally occurring plant substances work by blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine.

  • Lower the bad (LDL) cholesterol by 6-15%
  • No effect on the good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Clinical research shows safety and effectiveness
  • Doesn’t affect other cholesterol lowering medications
  • Effective dose 2-3 grams/day


  • Super Fiber
  • Made of complex polysaccharides
  • Absorbs water
  • Expands in the stomach and creates feeling of fullness
  • Slows absorbtion of sugars (think less insulin spikes = less storage of fat)

In the scenario of Friday night feasting, these two simple hacks make enjoying a slice or three less of an issue.

Want a little video of what this stuff looks like?  Visit my Youtube channel here.


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