Dealing with criticism

Criticism Tactic

When Others Point an Ugly Finger

We have all been there at the end of what seems like unwarranted criticism.  Realize that people all have their “stuff” to deal with and at times you are the nearest channel.  Others may vent their frustrations and anger with you at the receiving end.

You initial reaction may be dismay, anger or outright rage.  I struggle with this issue as well and have to force a deep breath before I escalate the situation.

Scientists report that an average person has 40,000 automatic negative thoughts flash through their mind every day.  Invariably, some of those will erupt as criticism of others and often times totally unwarranted.  It’s hard not to take their comments personally, especially if they are a close friend or loved one.  

In developing a personal strategy to deal with these types of situations, I came across these two simple, yet powerful concepts.

Imagine you are a deeply rooted tree and their negative words are a gentle breeze tickling your leaves.  Let it pass and go on with your perfect day reaching for the sun.

What other people think of you is really none of your business. 


Wishing you a blissful day,



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