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Why Haven’t You Done This Yet?

Finding The Problem   How much would you spend not to die? Sort of a silly question, but it needs to be asked. Heart disease remains the top killer and unfortunately, the first sign of a problem for 50% of people is sudden cardiac death. What if a quick test could find out if a […]

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Sing Your Song

Sing Your Song Why do we measure quantity over quality?  Why do we push towards a goal we are not even sure is the best destination for our children? If you are interested in the direction we are headed as a country and in the future of our (your) children, please watch this short 12 […]

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What If Your Wrong

Being Human Means Being Wrong Sometimes Dr. Peter Attia shares a poignant moment in his life as a doctor. As a young surgical resident, Peter Attia felt contempt for a patient with diabetes. She was overweight, he thought, and thus responsible for the fact that she needed a foot amputation. But years later, Attia received […]

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Innovation & Change

Innovation & Change We, as in the world, all benefit from amazing, passionate and driven individuals. Imagine having a major medical procedure and riding your bike home 3 hours later.  Treatments that formerly required dramatic incisions or opening of the skull can now be done without any incisions. The collaboration on this project crosses all […]

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