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Why Physicians Are Devalued

Devalued as a Physician This has been one incredible week of change and transformation.  A fellow ER colleague and I lifted the curtain and saw the nasty scene of administrative secret dealings.  I penned my resignation from the “schedule”, and have shifted focus to working where talents are appreciated. Derailed At times, we all feel […]

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Travel Past Embarrassment

Life is Short – Move Past Your Issues I wanted to share this short and inspirational clip.  We have all been there – that moment of self-doubt / uncomfortableness / fear No one expects you to be fearless or unafraid.  It’s the ability to act despite those thoughts and emotions that allows some to achieve […]

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A Physician's Coming of Age

50 Flights

A Physician’s Coming of Age Publication Date: May 5, 2014 Strap into the jump seat and come along for a flight. See first hand what goes on behind the scenes in the high pressure world of emergency and trauma care as it is delivered in the field. The author shares poignant tales of what it’s like […]

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Dr. Mitchel Schwindt

Dr. Silvers

  Why I Gave Up Practicing Medicine by Christine Tsien Silvers, M.D., Ph.D.   Dr. Silvers gave me permission to share her story.  See the podcast episode and video from our conversation. Every year in February we travel from Massachusetts to California so that my three young kids, Daniel, Steven, and Katherine, might someday remember […]

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Udemy Dr. Mitchel Schwindt

Learn Podcasting

      Online Learn To Podcast Tutorial Free Access use coupon code:  MMD2013 I created this course to help others learn how to podcast without the technical worries. It’s time to share your voice! The coupon code is open for 50 new students.  Join Today. This course is designed for anyone who wants to […]

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Retirement Planning

Critical Retirement Advice

Critical Retirement Advice Listen in on Dr. Setu’s advice and wisdom related to critical elements for retirement planning.  I’ve known Setu for several years and his advice, talents and experience speaks for itself.  He provides high quality advice at his blog:

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Your Energy “Energy, however, can be systematically expanded — and it can also be regularly renewed. To operate at our best, we need four energy sources: physical (quantity), emotional (quality), mental (focus), and the energy of the human spirit (purpose). This talk will focus on the role of energy in fueling sustainable high performance, and […]

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Who Defines You

  So I spent the last two weeks supervising a medical team at a spanish speaking village.  In the past the post has only been staffed by nurses.  The impression of physicians was something that took me by surpise.  The idea of what and how a physician from the good ole’ USA should be was […]

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One Cure For Burn Out

One cure for physician burnout My friend and fellow EM colleague Setu shares his amazing insight  on physician burnout.  Setu and I sat down for a discussion on this topic and an exit strategy from full time clinical medicine. You can listen to that on the podcast or go …I AM MOVING THE PODCAST TO […]

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