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Quote about the value of life on Mitchel M.D.

How Much Is A Heart Worth?

How Much Is Your Life Worth? Or Your Heart? Serious question. Did you answer it? Would you spend a some cash to potentially extend your life?   What if $100 would save your life?     If you can’t open the wallet and part with the coin, would your wife, husband, best friend, partner, significant […]

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helping on the journey

Med Student

Adopting Take the opportunity to help those behind you on the journey. You have talents and resources that those just starting out crave. If you found any value in the struggle and challenges of your professional or personal journey, I encourage you to share it widely. Adopt A Med Student Med school was a different […]

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happiness without a reason

Happy Without Reason

Awareness Gives Clarity You cannot be fulfilled without awareness You cannot be in love without awareness Simple Powerful Be in tune to the now There is no past or future only now   A video posted by Wait But Why (@waitbutwhy_) on Jun 23, 2016 at 11:43am PDT How do you feel after watching this […]

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Knowing Sleep

How Well Do You Know Sleep? The mysteries of sleep have perplexed humans for thousands of years. Until recently, scientists and physicians were merely guessing about the how and why of sleep. With modern technology, it appears that we have cracked the nut. That said, how well do you know sleep? Possessing even a sliver […]

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Biohacking Growth Hormone

Unhacking Growth

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How NOT to Hack Growth When contemplating the best way to maximize results from the body, it becomes confusing is a hurry. The data out there is often conjecture or anecdotal Growth Hormone (GH) Basics -Exercise is the most potent stimulus for GH -Slow wave sleep improves GH production -GH stimulates gluconeogenesis in liver -GH […]

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Sleep Better Book

Sleep – It’s Finally Here! One Week To Better Sleep.   I’m giving you something special inside this version.   You’ll find what I’m talking about within 2 minutes of reading my latest book. I look forward to helping you sleep better tonight. Loading… Having problems sleeping? Relying on coffee and energy drinks to make […]

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life and legacy

3 Most Important Questions

What Do You Want Out of Life? Have you really taken the time to answer these questions? Do you wake up excited for the day or rather find yourself adrift in the flow of life accepting what is considered ‘normal’? Reward yourself and watch the short video….. Let me know what you think and answer […]

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