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Where is the podcast??

Where is the podcast??   If you were checking out the Physician’s Non-Clinical Guide podcast don’t worry….I’m still available for those looking to diversify their talents and share their wisdom in a different context.  While I still practice clinical medicine and love the interaction with patients, the current government driven system makes providing care difficult. […]

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Udemy Dr. Mitchel Schwindt

Learn Podcasting

      Online Learn To Podcast Tutorial Free Access use coupon code:  MMD2013 I created this course to help others learn how to podcast without the technical worries. It’s time to share your voice! The coupon code is open for 50 new students.  Join Today. This course is designed for anyone who wants to […]

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Your Energy “Energy, however, can be systematically expanded — and it can also be regularly renewed. To operate at our best, we need four energy sources: physical (quantity), emotional (quality), mental (focus), and the energy of the human spirit (purpose). This talk will focus on the role of energy in fueling sustainable high performance, and […]

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M.D. Burn Out

Physician Burnout

Physician Burnout Physician burnout is a sad but true reality many face as the pressures mount to see more patients – faster – cheaper.  Many physicians feel it, but few will put a name to it.  Burn Out.  With the ever increasing pressure to see more patients faster and cheaper, many physicians feel their passion […]

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