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Uncensored Heart

Breaking the Chains of Censorship For those who have been following the blog or my work over the years, you know the goal is to share information that changes lives. The primary mechanisms are: Online courses Blog posts Webinars Podcasts Facebook posts Videos Nothing too earth-shattering in the above list, but when you place your […]

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helping on the journey

Med Student

Adopting Take the opportunity to help those behind you on the journey. You have talents and resources that those just starting out crave. If you found any value in the struggle and challenges of your professional or personal journey, I encourage you to share it widely. Adopt A Med Student Med school was a different […]

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Your Podcast

Podcasting Tutorial For Absolute Beginners Why struggle to put all this together?  Starting your podcast is easier than ever.  I’ve been teaching this for a few years now and the course remains very popular on Udemy and other learning platforms. The statistics prove that podcasting continues to exponentially grow and why not grab the spotlight […]

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A Physician's Coming of Age

50 Flights

A Physician’s Coming of Age Publication Date: May 5, 2014 Strap into the jump seat and come along for a flight. See first hand what goes on behind the scenes in the high pressure world of emergency and trauma care as it is delivered in the field. The author shares poignant tales of what it’s like […]

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founder health

Busy = Healthy

Being Busy and Staying Alive Busy does not preclude remaining healthy.  Will Lentzen Jr has launched a movement centered around that important concept. Listen in as he launches his new podcast to rave reviews

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What If Your Wrong

Being Human Means Being Wrong Sometimes Dr. Peter Attia shares a poignant moment in his life as a doctor. As a young surgical resident, Peter Attia felt contempt for a patient with diabetes. She was overweight, he thought, and thus responsible for the fact that she needed a foot amputation. But years later, Attia received […]

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Innovation & Change

Innovation & Change We, as in the world, all benefit from amazing, passionate and driven individuals. Imagine having a major medical procedure and riding your bike home 3 hours later.  Treatments that formerly required dramatic incisions or opening of the skull can now be done without any incisions. The collaboration on this project crosses all […]

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True Inspiration Kyle Maynard shares his powerful brand of inspiration. Perseverance takes on a completely new level. Working last week in a large metro healthcare system, several of my fellow physicians who I deeply respect, shared their dismay at the “job” and how something better just has to come along.  To a crowd of blank […]

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Dr. Mitchel Schwindt

Dr. Silvers

  Why I Gave Up Practicing Medicine by Christine Tsien Silvers, M.D., Ph.D.   Dr. Silvers gave me permission to share her story.  See the podcast episode and video from our conversation. Every year in February we travel from Massachusetts to California so that my three young kids, Daniel, Steven, and Katherine, might someday remember […]

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helping others


Helping Others Helping Others is part and parcel of life, not only as a health care professional but also as a credo to live by. I’ve received a ton of help over the last few years of my entrepreneurial journey and to give back is required. Kiva Find entrepreneurs from around the world who just […]

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