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Let me show you. My courses are popular on Udemy and other platforms, but you’ll get a more lively discussion and personal interaction from me here on the blog when you join one of my courses.

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Uncensored Heart

Breaking the Chains of Censorship For those who have been following the blog or my work over the years, you know the goal is to share information that changes lives. The primary mechanisms are: Online courses Blog posts Webinars Podcasts Facebook posts Videos Nothing too earth-shattering in the above list, but when you place your […]

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healing after surgery

Journey Of Healing

Open Heart Surgery Time Lapse of Healing Join me on a quick journey of healing and see what the fresh incisions of open heart surgery are like.   A word of warning: Some of the images may be disturbing to some, but I share this to emphasize the process.   Day 1-60  A time-lapse presentation […]

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Mitchel M.D. Sleep Better Course


Having Problems Sleeping? Relying on coffee and energy drinks to make it through the day? You have always heard that sleep was important for recharging your body and resting your mind. But every night, you toss and turn, struggling to sleep. I will show you how to: Fall asleep quickly Stay asleep all night Wake […]

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Entrepreneurship Course

Controlling Time

How To Control Your Future My team is excited to announce….   The only way to move forward into growth is to take action.   What are you doing to day to influence the direction of your life? Registration for this course is open.     photocredit: BigStock Cartoon license & credit: tessacreative

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