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Eat right, sleep and don’t let stress get the better of you. Easy to do – NO. Most of us struggle to eat healthy balanced meals and sleep less that ever before. Nutritional support not only improves the body’s function, it also impacts longevity. The science of food as medicine is not new, but now we give it a fancier name and combining Epigenetics with Nutrigenomics is the key to achieving greatness, health and longevity.

Mitchel M.D. cholesterol

The Truth About Your Cholesterol

It’s More Than Just A Number Many are ill informed about their cholesterol. I see it every day and it is disappointing. One doesn’t fix a car by only listening to it and watching it drive but rather by lifting the hood and diving deep into the inside to discover the true problem. Knowing the […]

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Mitchel M.D. Tuesday Health Tip

Drinking To A Sweet Death

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Sweetie, Are Your Going To Drink Yourself Into The Grave Today? Sugar = Cancer Sugar is disguised in many forms.  Ingredients such as sucrose, fructose, maltodextrin, dextrose and galactose, are all types of sugar. So What’s The Problem? We eat way too much sugar.  Back in the early 1900s, people ate about 70 pounds a year. […]

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Leaky Gut

Is Your Gut Leaking?

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What Is Leaky Gut Only one cell separates the outside from the inside as the lining of the GI tract is that thin.  Normally the cells are held tightly together, but inflammation can cause them to leak.  When this happens, bacteria and food particles gain access to the blood stream.  The body quickly notes these […]

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Bug Fuel

Kids eat everything and anything. Do you remember wanting to taste the world around you as a kid?  My son reminds me of this on a regular basis.  I saw him pick a worm up off the driveway and eat it.  I was a bit grossed out by that, but he reminded me that we […]

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7 Day Refuel by Mitchel M.D.


Are You Ready? Are you ready to take the game of life up a notch? This 7 Day totally free actionable course delivers simple strategies to improve your health, longevity and performance. Click Here to Refuel   See you on the inside. Mitchel M.D.

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Bone Health

Avoid This Bone Melting Drink Contrary to popular advertising, cow’s milk does not boost bone health. I’ve shared the acidic nature of milk and how the body pulls calcium from bones to buffer the acid. You don’t have to believe me, but read on if you want to avoid breaking your hip and dying prematurely. […]

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Journey to optimal health

Men’s Health 1.0

Men’s Health 1.0 Course Check it out on Use this link for a huge discount on joining the course. Men have unique physiology and health needs that are often neglected. Life is short – why not live an optimized life. This course explores these issues in plain language and short easy to understand segments. […]

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Mitchel Schwindt, M.D. - physician, author, consultant

Need Help

What can I help you with? I’ve been answering a lot of emails and direct messages on twitter & facebook lately.  It seems that a common thread has been developing around a few specific topics / issues. This blog was started as a way to share my passion for helping others and reach a broader […]

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Live Forever

Plantrician Project As a physician, athlete and educator the power of plants is at the forefront of my mind on a daily basis. I see the ravages of poor food choices every day. In fact, I worked an ER shift last night and cared for several patients having heart attacks. The scary fact was that […]

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