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Kids eat everything and anything. Do you remember wanting to taste the world around you as a kid?  My son reminds me of this on a regular basis.  I saw him pick a worm up off the driveway and eat it.  I was a bit grossed out by that, but he reminded me that we are in fact the minority on this planet and that the worm he just chomped down was a good source of protein.

I’ve since grown found of crickets.  My wife is repulsed as one of our first apartments as a new couple was infested with crickets and they would attack at night.

I stumbled across the Exo energy bar made from cricket flour some time ago.  I do a bit of traveling and this is my go to bar in my snack pouch.  Simple, nutritious and delicious.  They offer a special deal to try 2 different flavors for free.

Get 2 Free Bars

You can find them here: Exo Protein  This link will take you to their 2 free bar offer.


From their award winning chef – creator:

Exo makes protein bars with cricket flour, designed by an award-winning, three-Michelin-star chef. We combine minimally-processed and environmentally sustainable cricket protein with ultra-premium ingredients for a bar without compromise. Paleo-friendly and no gluten, grain, soy, dairy or refined sugars. High in protein, low in sugar and incredibly nutrient-dense, our bars are perfect as a meal-replacement, nourishing snack or pre/post-exercise.

I promote very few products and only those I have used and find value in.  These bars are packed with protein and add a fun twist to fueling your body.  The link above is my affiliate link, so I get a few pennies if you are brave enough to sample a little bug fuel.

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