Are You Like This?


My last client of the day wanted to reschedule earlier due to a conflict.  Challenging yes, but doable.  I squeezed them in and headed back to the airport to drop of my rental car a few hours early.  Love missing the rush hour traffic and pulled right up only 4th car deep in the return lane.

Bemused, I watched the guy in front of me check and recheck everything.  He opened and closed the trunk twice, put his bag in and then took it out.  He opened and closed the back door no less than 3 times and then got in for a fourth time to check again.  The process was repeated for the front seat and then one final cursory peek into the trunk of his rental car as he shot me a stern look as I smirked a bit inside the safety of my car.


After pausing, I took a breath and reminded myself to quiet the monkey mind that can overtake my thoughts at any moment if due attention is not given to this phenomenon.

We all have our own issues and behaviors, which I’m sure, bring smirks and laughter from others around us.  I put my thoughts and judgement away and gathered up my meager items and stepped out to be greeted by the return agent.

Hello sir….how was your car?  Any problems?  Good.  Your total is $774.87 for your 24 hour rental.

What? I croaked.  Seems the checkout agent missed a digit in the milage and I apparently drove 1,200 miles despite being sequestered in an office suite.

Guess the laughs were on me.  Fortunately, I’m a bit obsessive about keeping receipts and scraps of paper.  I’d prepaid for the car and my tally due was only $54.  I was able to produce the receipt, but only by emptying my luggage out in the parking ramp and rummaging around like a squirrel looking for a nut.

I looked up and saw the former gent now smirking at me.  I smiled back and brushed the dirt off my pants as I reassembled my luggage.

I grabbed my new receipt from the rental agent and wandered inside the terminal reminding myself to be more diligent about forming opinions so quickly.  Something that requires considerable effort on most days.  The ingrained mindset honed from years of practicing emergency medicine still overtakes conscious control of my mind many days.  The point is that the mental energy I used in analyzing another persons behavior in the preceding moments was a complete waste of mental energy and served no positive purpose.

What thoughts have you pondered today that were nothing but a waste of time and mental energy?


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