Entrepreneurship Course

Controlling Time

How To Control Your Future My team is excited to announce….   The only way to move forward into growth is to take action.   What are you doing to day to influence the direction of your life? Registration for this course is open.     photocredit: BigStock Cartoon license & credit: tessacreative

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Fun Philanthropy For Kids

Kids Helping Others Making it fun, exciting and rewarding for children learning to help others in the global community. Here is what my children are learning this summer…..   Join our team today.  We give out Kiva gift cards periodically for new team members.

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Mitchel M.D. Podcast

PY25 How One Thought Can Save a Life

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PY 25: Thinking It So   Launching into summer & I hope you are pushing forward with your goals. I like to review my weekly, monthly and yearly goals on a weekly basis only takes a few minutes and keeps me grounded   but that’s not what this episode is about.  As I was thinking […]

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How To Get Calm

Simple Source of Calm   Love the app and am on a daily streak of nearly 6 months of meditation. The book is beautiful and a must read. Simple wisdom to develop calm and purpose.   Happy Father’s Day – thanks for all you do and are. A little special way to help dad’s live […]

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Going Slow

Where Are You Going? That’s not the real question.  The question on the table is:  WHY?      This story and his candid thoughts resonated loudly with me and I wanted to share his message and wisdom. You may have no interest in life a a health care professional, but his comments are relevant no matter […]

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Simple Challenge Conclusion

Final Thoughts My musings on how the simple challenge affected my family and what it was worth / results. The video is a bit shaky at the start, but it improves and the message is important.  If you haven’t watched the can vs. should discussion, check that out next.

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morgan Sessions Unsplash

Summer Boost

Ready To Recharge Your Body & Mind? I created this 7 day refuel course and it’s completely free.  7 days of simple actions that have the power to recharge and reinvigorate your mind and body.  The video series is loaded and ready to go.

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can vs should

Can versus Should

Can You Do This? A simple yet common question that hold more meaning than it appears on first glance.  This issue surfaces daily for almost all of us, but how you react has the power to predict your success, happiness and future. I’ve been working on sharing some philosophical wisdom with my kids of late […]

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Simplicity Start

Simple Challenge Begins As promised, I am here to share my family’s transformation and elimination project in our quest for simple living. The focus is on discarding stuff and concentrating on what means the most in life: Family Experiences Time Adventure Friendships My daughter filmed me at the end of a very long day setting […]

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