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Less = More

Can Less > More? Graham Hill lays it out clearly and simplistically.  I’ve watched and shared this video dozens of times as the message is so important and deserves repeating. Pay attention as he explains what’s in the box he’s perched on. If you’ve read any of Robin Sharma’s work, this will resonate deeply with […]

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Worth It?

Are You Worth It?   Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with me. The 7 day refuel project is all about getting recharged and reinvigorated   let me ask you a simple ?   How well is what you are doing working?   If making a few simple adjustments could […]

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Mitchel M.D. Refuel project

Sunday Night Intention

Don’t Hate The Sunday I spent many years loathing Sunday nights.  It got to the point where I started brewing my funk around noon and then let it stew and fester until going to bed. What a waste of a day! I’ve since learned the power of intention and living in the now.  I’ll explain […]

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understanding perfection

The Wrong Question

Are You Asking The Wrong Question? “Problems that remain persistently insoluble should always be suspected as questions asked in the wrong way” – Alan Watts.   Sometimes a simple reframing of the problem or question provides an immediate solution.  It is easy to be drawn into the emotion surrounding a problem and overlook the readily […]

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Longevity through nutrition

The 120 Year Diet

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 How Long Can You Live? The crossroads of food, science and longevity are pushing the forefront of current thinking.  The science of Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics deals with how what we put in our bodies impacts our DNA, chance of disease and likelihood of living a long life. This weeks podcast dives into the flavors around […]

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Show up with intention

Showing Up

Just Show Up Showing up is more than 1/2 of any battle. Just when that fear rises up and tries to pull you in the opposite direction, lean in. Step forward. Breathe. Making change is hard and just showing up is key.  Be gentle with yourself.  I learned this the hard way last year when […]

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Team You on Kiva

Join Our Team

      How Kiva Works 1 Choose a borrower 2 Make a loan 3 Get repaid 4 Repeat! The majority of our team’s donations come from sales of my books and other resources.  Our mission is to give back to the global community and help other entrepreneurs.  Join our team today.  Periodically, we send […]

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7 Day Refuel Click Here to Sign Up  Are you ready to recharge your mind and body?  It’s time for a refuel for those who want to restore their vitality and regain lost energy and motivation. I’ve created this 7 Day Refuel program and made each day highly actionable.  Nothing is complicated or complex, but […]

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7 Day Refuel by Mitchel M.D.


Are You Ready? Are you ready to take the game of life up a notch? This 7 Day totally free actionable course delivers simple strategies to improve your health, longevity and performance. Click Here to Refuel   See you on the inside. Mitchel M.D.

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