Leaky Gut

Is Your Gut Leaking?

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What Is Leaky Gut Only one cell separates the outside from the inside as the lining of the GI tract is that thin.  Normally the cells are held tightly together, but inflammation can cause them to leak.  When this happens, bacteria and food particles gain access to the blood stream.  The body quickly notes these […]

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comparison results focused

Killing By Comparison

Compared To What One of my goals is to try and teach my children lessons when the opportunity presents and couch it in terms they can relate to.  The struggle to reach a higher self is a never ending challenge and even simple moments can cause trouble. I love endurance sports and my kids like […]

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change - Julia Caesar

Dead or Alive

Change The only things that never change are dead. “The more a thing tends to be permanent, the more it tends to be lifeless.” – Alan Watts. The process of living involves change.  A good friend of mine, Brian, often reminds others to step forward into growth and avoid stepping back into safety.  Be creative […]

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life simplified

Simple Beauty

My Purpose – Sharing Simple Beauty If you have watched any of the previous videos I’ve shared on living simply and living on purpose, then you will appreciate this masterpiece of wonder. I’m sharing it for the sole purpose to inspire you to accept and imagine what life is like when we slow down and […]

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Do It Anyway

Step Forward Into growth and opportunity or Back into comfort and stagnation Being human, I am prone to mistakes, oversights and grievous errors.  The negative effects can be compounding but the approach to fixing them and one’s attitude about the errors makes all the difference. Simple example of this morning.  After a long day at […]

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Freedom Flag

Finding Freedom

Gratitude Not all in life is within our control, but the simple expression of gratitude for what is and has transpired is freeing. Freedom has many different forms and meanings for us as individual and it is with heartfelt gratitude that I say Thank You to those who serve our country.  Their sacrifice, dedication and […]

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Entrepreneurship Course

Controlling Time

How To Control Your Future My team is excited to announce….   The only way to move forward into growth is to take action.   What are you doing to day to influence the direction of your life? Registration for this course is open.     photocredit: BigStock Cartoon license & credit: tessacreative

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Fun Philanthropy For Kids

Kids Helping Others Making it fun, exciting and rewarding for children learning to help others in the global community. Here is what my children are learning this summer…..   Join our team today.  We give out Kiva gift cards periodically for new team members.

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Mitchel M.D. Podcast

PY25 How One Thought Can Save a Life

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PY 25: Thinking It So   Launching into summer & I hope you are pushing forward with your goals. I like to review my weekly, monthly and yearly goals on a weekly basis only takes a few minutes and keeps me grounded   but that’s not what this episode is about.  As I was thinking […]

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How To Get Calm

Simple Source of Calm   Love the app and am on a daily streak of nearly 6 months of meditation. The book is beautiful and a must read. Simple wisdom to develop calm and purpose.   Happy Father’s Day – thanks for all you do and are. A little special way to help dad’s live […]

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