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Simple Challenge

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Simplicity For All A quick video to help reframe an important issue you are faced with right now. I’ll be back in a week to reveal how this all played out for me and the result of the mindshift that went along with this personal challenge.   [Audio clip: view full post to listen] photo […]

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Are You Like This?

Quickly My last client of the day wanted to reschedule earlier due to a conflict.  Challenging yes, but doable.  I squeezed them in and headed back to the airport to drop of my rental car a few hours early.  Love missing the rush hour traffic and pulled right up only 4th car deep in the […]

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Bug Fuel

Kids eat everything and anything. Do you remember wanting to taste the world around you as a kid?  My son reminds me of this on a regular basis.  I saw him pick a worm up off the driveway and eat it.  I was a bit grossed out by that, but he reminded me that we […]

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Mitchel M.D. Refuel

7 Day Refuel project

Ready To Refuel? Welcome to the 7 Day Refuel project. 7 Days of simple changes that will recharge and refuel your body and mind. If you want the PDFs and written content, signup by clicking the orange Refuel image to the right.  

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Mitchel M.D.


One of the things I love about races is the experience of pushing yourself.  I ran a 15K race on Saturday as the first race of my season.  I felt my training was reasonable and the weather cooperated for once.  I set my goal pace and finishing time well in advance and tore off at […]

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Internal Framework

What’s On The Inside? A friend and colleague reminded me of how reframing our thoughts completely changes an experience. Believing makes it so. Not sure who coined that phrase, but take a moment to think about the power of simple intentions and reward yourself by taking a short break from your busy day to watch […]

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Undue Troubles I must make a confession…. I’ve wasted the better part of the last year focusing on one thing. Ignoring all common sense and letting this single thought creep into my mind on a nearly daily basis is a painful reminder of the negative impact improper focus had on my life. Making the right […]

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happyiness, bliss and rainbows

Less = More

Can Less > More? Graham Hill lays it out clearly and simplistically.  I’ve watched and shared this video dozens of times as the message is so important and deserves repeating. Pay attention as he explains what’s in the box he’s perched on. If you’ve read any of Robin Sharma’s work, this will resonate deeply with […]

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Worth It?

Are You Worth It?   Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with me. The 7 day refuel project is all about getting recharged and reinvigorated   let me ask you a simple ?   How well is what you are doing working?   If making a few simple adjustments could […]

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